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45 minutes ago, digitecture said:

I definitely want to see more of input capability like #1 and less of input going into #2:



Can you elaborate your comment a bit more in detail?

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I think he means adding values directly/outside of node.

Parameter/value driven by another nodes etc...


btw, Trial version is restricted to 14 days only? For testing/researching of nodes system and it´s deeper functionality would be great to have no time restricted trial as we know from the past...



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Yes, exactly.  From the way it works now, some input values require a mouse click from the attribute manager to drive the scene nodes.  I prefer the option to have as much of the input in the scene node graph as possible.  For the example shown in the image for all of the Cube Primitive Op Object Inputs, the only thing missing is an integer, decimal, or slider.  With these, it is then possible to directly drive these inputs within the same editor and no other manager.  If we have this, then we can start to build more complex inputs using other math nodes.

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While those are good ideas to be reviewed for future releases, what you can do right now is to create your setup within a group node and use the inputs of that group as a source for parameters. A simple click in the background of the editor will show all parameters of the group 

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The new nodal based architecture looks very promising. The clear viewport speed improvement looks like it will bring C4D to the state it should be in. However, what does concern me is timescale. As Jon Moore has noted the 'new core' has been described as 'in development' for around 10 years. So, given 'scene nodes' currently look like a '0.5 Alpha' version, my guess is we aren't going to be seeing a C4D fully based on the new architecture for quite some time. This is reinforced by Rick Barret's recent comments hinting at 18 months of further building disruption.


I understand DMcG has 'turned up the heat'' re the new core. Well, I hope the gas is on max - because I really do think you guys are running for a closing door.


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The core development that preceded the current state included a lot more than you might expect. Memory management, multithreading, media coding, file handling, coding rules, .... the list is endless and much still needs to be done. A lot of things needed to happen before nodes could come into existence.

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1 minute ago, bezo said:

...scene nodes are meant to replace OM/whole c4d workflow? I mean object creation, transformation, rigging, scene enviroment etc to pure node workflow?


Yes, scene nodes are new core. They are a base for everything but will not replace existing workflow. What you now see is core used in nodes. That same core can and will be used for "normal" manager. So you will be able to use nodes, managers or both in future, depending on your preference. The familiar and easy to use object manager workflow we all like will definitely stay.

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19 minutes ago, srek said:

The core development that preceded the current state included a lot more than you might expect...


OK. So maybe this is the start of the end game. Whatever, I wish you guys well in getting the 'new C4D' delivered in full.


I just find it so disappointing that after so much patience from your customer base the corporate culture - which comes from the top - has lurched towards short term profitability over long term customer satisfaction. I've had a long career in business. Every company I've seen do this has subsequently regretted it.


Anyway, I'm leaving the matter here.  It's clear that the person that sets the course has decided on a heading.

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