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Exporting images from a virtual set to change on the fly

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Hi guys, I have been charged with the task of creating a virtual set. I know I can model and light without too much trouble but there are certain elements that need to be editable on the fly.


What I need is to be able to export certain parts of the set so that I can take them into Photoshop.

I want to be able to make a set and create layers that can easily be manipulated in photoshop. Like changing colours, glows around floor elements, that type of stuff. So that after I have finished in Cinema the editor can work in final cut. Changing colours and tweaking without having to re-render.


I think I will need something like this in the image. 

Is this going to be hard to do?


I know I can do this but I'm under a bit of pressure and need some suggestions in workflow so that I don't waste time.


Thanks in advance guys





I have mocked a simple studio. I need to be able to take the whole thing into photoshop and be able to have different layers with different colours. The whole thing needs to be a flat image in layers in photoshop I think.

Im wondering whether there is something I can do with the compositing tag.

Forgive me for just posting without  research, I'm just under a deadline. If I know I can do this then I can take my time over the modelling and stuff.





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43 minutes ago, bezo said:

You could use material ID pass using Takes  (Tip from Cineversity Quick Tip series)




So I could render out a luminance pass with luminance colour on the objects I need to be changed in Photoshop.  And then it should be easy to pick another colour in Photoshop. Am I understanding this correctly BEZO?

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Bezo, in the scene i have just 3 colours at the moment. Do I need to create a luminace texture for each and then import the render into Final Cut pro. Do you know which effect would be used in FCP?.


I wont be changing the colours myself, the video editor will be the one who needs to know how this works.



OR how about if i give the texture i need to be changed a luminance colour instead of RGB, would the editor be able to change that in Final Cut?

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Ok my problem is solved.

I added object buffers to the objects I need to manipulate. And rendered getting a black and white image for each object. Then took into Photoshop and used an adjustment layer for hue and saturation for each of my new images from the object buffers. 

Now we can change the colours in the render on-the-fly. Nice.


Im sure that these layers can be taken into Final Cut Pro and manipulated there instead of using Photoshop. But if not I am happy with the result.  Result!


Thanks for the help and interest guys.

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Guys I have another quick question. This is more Photoshop related so forgive me if I this is not the right place but it is related.


Now that I can use an Object Buffer for export for use in Photoshop, do any sage members know how I can use it in Photoshop to replace an image. Say an image on a TV screen. Instead of changing hue and saturation replace the tv screen with another image. Im searching the web but can't seem to find what im after and Im no Photoshop pro. 


Thanks in advance guys.

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