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Lighting a studio scene

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Hi guys I am trying to recreate this look with lighting in physical renderer.



I can use a cloner to space my lights nice and easily in a grid array.  I  have a nice studio light straight from the content browser.

What type of light should I use and what would be the best sort of settings? I don't think I even need to really light my scene with them. As realistic as I can get is what I am looking for though.

I have my lights set to spot at the moment. I haven't tried to replicate the glow around the set elements in the background as this is something I want to try and do in Post with photoshop so I have left that for my other post.



By the way its the same scene as one I have posted in Post Processing but its a different topic so I hope its not bad protocol to post same scene.


Any help is most appreciated. 




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Are you using spotlights? If so, ditch them. If you want accuracy you need to use area lights. You can set them to disc shape and scale them according to the light radii at the top.


They are almost 100% not lighting the scene only with the small spots at the top. I bet there are MASSIVE area lights behind the cameras lighting the studio. These are missing, that's why your scene is so dark.

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Ok thanks guys.

I am  having a really hard time adjusting the lights in a cloner. The axis was spun around so I started again.

The cloner increases the size of the studio light. Am I doing something wrong?


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1 hour ago, Keith Vick said:

Am I doing something wrong?



Almost certainly 🙂 But we can't know what without the scene file as usual... you gotta get in the habit of uploading those so we don't have to ask every time...



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Its a lot better thanks guys.

I would like for the lights to kind of disappear into darkness in shadow at the ceiling and have a little visibility of the light itself.

 I have changed the setting to disk and adjusted its size.  I tried moving the light up and down but can't get rid of these  shadows and light reflecting off the ceiling.





Edit: scenfile on the way.


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Hi guys, and thanks for the help. @Dasfrodo turning on Z axis only in the light gets rid of the light cast on the ceiling. Great.


Can anybody tell me how to get the effect of a disc shaped visible light in my light model?  So that it looks like they are switched on.



Should I place a disc with some luminance material in the light fitting or is their a better way?

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Hi Dasfrodo.

I decided to go without the studio lights in the ceiling and thought I would have lights in the ceiling plane.






I have  turned on Seen in render and dropped them well below a ceiling plane.  They should be visible I think.

 I know this is something silly  I still can't see my lights.


Scenefile attached





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Hi guys, 

 I got my lights back and they are spaced out just under a plane i'm using for the ceiling.

Can any member tell me how I might brighten them up without introducing more light into my scene?



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