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Hi everyone, I took the Cinema 4D Elementary Knowledge Test but I got this question wrong (see below). I plan on retaking but first I'm wondering if anyone familiar with Node Materials can help. Currently, I think the answer is C, E, and F but I'm not sure. Any ideas? (Thanks in advance.)


P. S. I also posted this question in C4DCafe's Nodal Materials forum. I hope this duplicate is okay to post here.


Question 38: Select all statements which are true…

A. Diffusion and diffuse are the same in the traditional material system

B. The value of a parameter in a material node may be copy pasted into its traditional material counterpart

C. Material Nodes can be blended like layers using different blending modes

D. Traditional Materials can be blended like layers using different material nodes

E. Material Nodes may be duplicated

F. Material Nodes exist for 3rd party render engines

G. Material Nodes may be used in a traditional material channel instead of a texture or shader.

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Lols 🙂 I misunderstood what they meant by B. I was thinking that copying and pasting a single value is too simple to be what they mean there so thought they must be on about whether the interfaces (or elements of) nodes are directly copyable to standard interfaces, which I didn't think they were, but perhaps they are !



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