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Hi Everyone, 


I've been using C4D for over a decade but I've never had the need to try Fold my Design. I've run through all the tutorials I could find and I've loaded in my box design from Illustrator. I'm getting an issue of sides not aligning properly. See attached screen shot. How can I make it so all the outside and inside folders are facing the right way? This one has me really stumped. 



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Welcome to the cafe... 🙂


Please take care to post in the right place - moved to correct section...


Also, we have zero chance of being able to solve this or fully understand your question without you uploading the scene file and the sort of ref pics that show us what it is meant to look like or at least where the things aren't matching up !



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Thanks for the response and the correct placement of this post! I've decided the Fold-My-Design is a bit over kill for what I need. The box is going to end up being static in a product demo with just the lid opening. I think I may just try a spline extrude and split the sides up to make it work. This seems really cool and I will probably come back to it eventually. Thanks again! 

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It is a good rig - loads of people complained when it was absent for a version or 2, which got it restored...

And due to the solidity of that rig I remain confident we can get it working right for you if you do want to continue down that path...



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