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HB Modelling Bundle now fully compatible with R20-23.

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Those of you who already bought it will have received your update links earlier today, but thought I'd do a general post to reiterate the ongoing brilliance of the HB Modelling bundle scripts, and the continued support and development of them by Holger, who must be something of hero to the modelling world by now ūüôā¬†


Certainly his scripts have made my job as principally a modeller in Cinema considerably faster, easier and more rewarding on a day-to-day basis ever since I first bought the kit for R11.5, and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the author for supporting and developing it for all this time at no additional charge, which is both rare, welcome and very much 'above and beyond' in this day and age...


If you don't already have it, and are remotely serious about modelling in Cinema, I still can't recommend this plugin enough. 




Features like Quad-capping, Even distribution, Surface-preserving Points to Circle, Surface-preserving Relax Mesh, Straighten Edges, Smooth edge, and the fabulous Re-topo setup continue to be real winners that make a genuine every-day difference to using Cinema as your principal modelling program.  60+ additional scripts are similarly useful, making this tool kit exceptional value for money. More info available below...




Happy modellings everyone, and thanks again Holger for the inspirational work !




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Always a huge surprise when you get an email from Holger explaining that he has updated his scripts and he provides a free download link.  I 100% agree that Holger knocks it out of the park with both his support and the brilliance of his scripts.  


Folks...there has to be a reason why he has sold 1000 of them!!!  Well worth the money and a must have.


While clearly explained in his email, I just want re-iterate that  V2.33 is for R23 compatibility only (no new features or bug fixes).  If you don't have R23, you can stay on V2.32 which is compatible back to R21.



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Thankfully, I really rely on pipelt and that didnt work anymore


Having a pipelt with rectangle spline would also be cool but I think I can hack that together myself with the existing

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