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Set Roots issue

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Hey guys,


right now I am facing issues with setting roots.


I have curves that come from Ornatrix (want to create my hair with ornatrix but also want to have the final hair in natic c4d for different reasons)

In this example I created basic strands in Ornatrix, converted them to curves, converted the curves to hair and than set the roots to the geometry again.

The rooting works on about 75% of the guides but some of them seem to snap to the next edge instead of the polygon.


I will add some snapshots to show whats going on.


pic1: here the unrooted guides with the underlaying geometry




pic2: after "Set Roots" is applied. What we see here is the back of a wasps head- The guides seem to snap to the edges but only on the back of the head. The front interestingly seems to work as expected (the part you can see through the hole). 




The distance between roots and geo (before setting roots) is almost nothing because the curves were created with the same geometry as a base.
I tried all the fifferent settings in the Set roots tool.


Any ideas whats going on here? (edit: I am on R21.207)

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no, I did not change anything in the hair settings before "set roots" besides setting the link geometry.
After your comment I tried all kinds of different settings in the guides tab but it did not solve the issue.


The strange thing is that it works on most parts of the mesh, I really don't know why it snaps like that just on the back of the head. I checked for normals directions, illegal polygon structure etc. but everything is clean.

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first of all thanks for the help!

okay so our workflow is the same... 
When i saw you using that "store" function i was hopefull that I could then restore the position after the hair guides go all over the place after rooting - wich works, yes - but then the guides are un-rooted again 😞


One post above your video I posted a link to my geo + curves. Maybe you can check if the issue happens on your side as well?

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oh I am actually not working on that .abc - just used this to export...
tried importing this .abc now tho - baked it and still got the issue. Did you also check the back of the head if everything is fine up ther too? I am asking because on the first glimple everythig seems fine because the front portion works perfectly.


I recorded what I am doing -> https://we.tl/t-GEasuTWaGv


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