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How to distribute clones like this ?

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You wouldn't usually make this (one element) using a cloner - there are too few objects - would be quicker to just move / scale them by hand using modelling Quantize constraint (see manual).



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Yes agree with Bezo that you could make whole scene out of a cloner setup. But you will need to thoroughly understand most aspects of what a cloner is and how it works, and again, tons of those tutorials exist online, so that's what you should be watching if considering that approach. Go to Youtube and type 'c4d cloner tutorial'.



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I agree with Cerbera and Bezo. I am attaching a screenshot in response to Sergey's original question anyway. 


Sergey, I'm afraid I doubt my screenshot will be very useful for you. From what I've seen in this as well as in other threads you started it seems that you are not really familiar with the basic functions and tools in C4D.


Cerbera already suggested in several of your threads that it might be a good idea to search YouTube for beginner tutorials. And he's right. Or maybe have a look at sites like PluralSight. For example, with regard to your question above, they have an "Introduction to MoGraph in C4D". Check out the table of contents: that's exactly what you need to watch to be able to do what you want to do:




Pluralsight is a subscription site, but you can start a free 10 day trial once you've signed up. The subscription is affordable, too, and can be cancelled at any time. They have plenty of other basic courses for C4D, too, covering all sorts of usefuly topics that should get you up to speed.





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