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Drive! Plug-In Worth the Cost?

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Just wondering if anyone has used the Drive! vehicle simulation plug-in? Really wondering if it's overkill vs. let's say Magic Car from Nitroman? I don't need to simulate a NASCAR race or heavy traffic, just relatively simple drivebys or a car turning into a scene and stopping next to it's price. That sort of thing.


Thanks for any opinions. Yes, I see there's a demo, but if it's too complicated, didn't want to jump in.

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I really cant help here, never had chance to try it. So I think your best bet is to simply download demo and try and let us know! 😊

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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I have a method for dynamic cars where the car follows a target. You can stop/start the target, and the wheels steer etc.




car stop.c4d


for more detailed cars, you can have a same size primitive dynamic car with the hi poly  stuff as children.


Works well off-road 😀



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I used it maybe 6 years ago, for some previs. I remember it was pretty good. It's very much a particular way of working - it will never give you the ability to stylise like keyframe animation, but then it brings certain other qualities that can be hard to do in more traditional animation. I don't remember it being terribly difficult to get to grips with, overall.

It does sound like it might be overkill for your needs. I think it could really come into it;'s own with a field of simulated cars, interacting in emergant ways, though I've never tried that.

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Personally, for the money, I would get Real Traffic over Drive.  Real Traffic comes with a basic car rig helper to get the vehicles ready for traffic simulation.  As an industrial engineer who actually has programmed simulations of products queuing in a factory production system, the ability to accurately simulate cars queuing in traffic is NOT a trivial exercise.  Plus there are all these other little hooks built into the program like tail lights and turning signals along with traffic lights.  Honestly, simple animation of a car going down a street could easily be done by hand and a little bit of expresso to get the wheels spinning at the right speed.  Now try to animate 100's of cars going down the highway at different speeds, changing lands, queuing up, etc.  A bit harder task.  Plus they just added a banking system for large trucks on off ramps.


I listened to the tutorials and the basic set-up seemed pretty straight forward.


Unless you are going to simulate off road driving or want to skid out at high speeds, I think you will get more mileage (pun intended) out of Real Traffic than Drive for the extra 20 euro's that Real Traffic costs over Drive. 


Drive gives you one car doing 1000 abnormal things on the road....Real Traffic gives you 1000 cars doing normal things on the road.



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