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The struggle with 3DS Max

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@anuser Did you seriously just register to post that? That's some dedication, respect!



  • The UI is a convoluted, ugly mess of different looking interfaces, popups that lock you out of the main window of the software until you press cancel or ok. Many things are in completely different areas multiple times. A shitton of tools don't even have icons.

I don't like icons. I guess it is preference.



Well, I like icons. That's not the only thing I criticized though.




  • It's slow as hell. The bootup, even without plugins, takes ages. After it's opened up it freezes for a couple of seconds until you're able to use it. Even in simple scenes, many tools and windows take multiple seconds to even open up.

you may check your workstation. I have tons of plugin. It took about 40s. There are some tools takes 1-2 sec to open. But, mostly It opens quick here.



It consistently has a sh** bootup time on all our machines, as it does on my home machine. It's not the computers.




  • There is almost zero feedback on what tool you have active or what is actually happening at any given moment. I've lost count on how many times I didn't know which tool I have active, forcing me to use it, just to undo and select the correct tool.

I'm not sure why you need to know what tool you have active. Modify panel shows what you selected. It also indicate if you are in sub-object or not.



Because it's convenient, and convenience never hurts. Only makes your life easier.


  • It's buggy as hell. Freezes and crashes constantly. I've used 2018 and 2020 so far. Both seem to be equally bad.

Again check your hw. I rarely got crash with millions of polys.


Again, same result on every machine. Everybody complains about it, not only in the office.


  • You cannot do simple calculations inside any of the numerical fields. If you, for example, try to move your object 20cm up you can't just enter "+20cm" at the end of the Y (in Max Z) coordinate. Nope, gotta calculate that in your head or with a calculator and then copy paste it. Have fun calculating "2.175 * 4" instead of just entering "*4" and pressing enter.



I don't know what that does for you, but for me it opens up a new file.




  • Many of the tools I've used so far are more or less destructive in nature.

Not sure why it is destructive.



The Spacing Tool, for example. It does what the C4D cloner does, except it has less options and once you've clicked apply you're ******* if you want to change something. You have to delete every single clone and redo the entire process.


  • The material editor is horrible. Every single material in the scene shares the same node window. You can manually open up more tabs, but why would I ever need ALL my materials in the same window?

Why you need ALL material in a tab? As you said, you can put in each tab if you want.


I don't. Question is, why is that even an option since a single nodespace for every material does make way more sense than everything in one window.


  • The "object manager" (I don't know what it's called in Max) is probably my biggest gripe. It's pretty much unusable outside of specific circumstances. This is probably my biggest issue since I'm so used to doing everything with the object manager in C4D. It seems like you have no overview of what the scene contains or how it's built.

When you use Max you mostlyl manage scene with layer. I'm not sure what is issue here.


The issue is that, as far as I can tell, the layer system is really damn basic and weird to use. The layer window also does some weird stuff from time to time.

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