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I have a shape (that started as a solid - say a box....)

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I have a shape that I'd like to easily be able to export the NET shape of it.  The shape is originally from a solid shape that started as a cone... but now I'd like to be able to split some of the edges and then fold it out so it lays flat and I can get my calculations.


Any help appreciated.


Thank you

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Welcome to the cafe 🙂


Please take care to post in the correct section of the forum, which is never General Discussion if it is a question about something specific in Cinema - I have moved this to modelling for you. And perhaps have a read of our thread - how to post on the cafe, so you know what sort of details to include with questions. 


For example here, a screenshot would be useful, as would the scene file, so please upload at least one of these, and preferably both ! Also need a bit more explanation on what precisely you mean by the 'NET' shape of it - that is a not a term that means anything recognizable in 3D DCC language. Do you mean the unfolded 'wrap' of the object, its outline or silhouette, its profile, its mesh, or something else entirely ? we'd also need to know what you are exporting to / what you plan to do with it next.




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Thanks. So you mean this sort of thing ?




And what format do you need this to export in ? And to what ?



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Yes, that 'sort of thing'... But I don't think the white line is true to how the shape would look if the 3D shape would be flat.


Ideally I'd like to know how it is achieved rather than just receiving a file... Is there a way to calculate the surface area at all?...


The reason is so I can get a quote off a canvas company... 



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Oh I see. No, my example wasn't a full relaxed unwrap because the mesh has been been built from horrible booles, so is not suitable for UV unwrapping, and therefore collapses when you try and relax it into its undistorted form. To solve that you need to remove the ngons, which are technically modelling mistakes, and turn them into triangles.


Cinema is really the wrong program for your purposes by the sounds of it. It is really not built for this sort of task. We have no tools that will instantly show you the surface area of actual pieces in the real world, and all our transforms and coordinate systems are axis based, so don't take into account any non planar dimensions, which doesn't help, even with you doing the maths... now, we do have tools like the Measure and Construction Tool (see manual) which can show you precise edge lengths and distances between points, but I suspect you will find that unnecessarily awkward and clumsy to use in comparison with other software more designed for your purposes.


I think you want something more like Marvelous Designer, or a CAD style program, where flat shape areas and measurements in general are much more of a priority.



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