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Very simple cloner question... linear offset

Mike A
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A simple question for the cloner experts:

I have a cube under a cloner. Linear mode, with a per-step x value offset - let's say 100cm.


What I want is for the overall set of clones to remain centered on the cloner, no matter what the clone count is. Effectively if I have 10 clones, I want the offset value to be negative 5.  If the clone count was 6 the offset to be negative 3.. etc.


Seems strange to me that the 'offset' value can only be a positive - not negative.


What's the simplest way to set this up?



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Isn't what you are describing in fact a Grid array , but with a 1 count everywhere except 1 axis ?

Or what about cloning along a straight spline segment that you have positioned with its mid point at world centre - then you would be able to offset your clones along it as well...



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For negative offset you could use transform tab position parameter. Something like in this example...




Example are in all directions. For simple/round values it´s relative simple to calculate, but for float numbers instead of integers could be used this xpresso (maybe saved as preset..)

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Thanks guys - Cerbera's grid, rather than linear mode best solved the issue. It was a more complex set up than described above, but the same principle.

I still think it would be handy to have negative offset values available under Linear mode.


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