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Hello! I haven't been here for a long time so hello everyone!
Due to the excess of work, I neglected my activity a bit.
I train automotive, unfortunately the equipment begins to refuse to obey.
I hope that I can get 4k shots.
Free model, lighting training, shaders edition.
Rims and tires + brake disc will come to improvement, the lights will still have a correction.
The model has undergone a delicate retopology,
but still a lot to be perfect. I dream of a nice animation,
but I don't know if the equipment will make me feel better, forgive me for the hype!
I'm still looking for my style. Best wishes!

#Octane # C4D


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  • Igor changed the title to PORSCHE 2018 GT2 RS

Its a good starting point I would say. I would definitely try to work on the ground texture. Repetitive pattern are easy noticeable. I like the Carbon material a lot, good job on that. Maybe try to use different HDRI. 



And please update your profile accordingly.:cowboypistol:

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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A couple things you could do quickly that will help sell the realism. First is the scale of the floor material. It looks took big which makes the car look small, like an R/C model. Second is the tire sidewall material. There is too much going on breaking up the reflection. I think you need to reduce the amount of texture in the reflections there.


The headlights look fantastic! I agree about the floor. Soften the reflections just a little bit.

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