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Weird Prorender shadow catcher *glitch* What am I doing wrong?

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HELP. I have this problem with c4d r22 that if I use a shadow catcher in my scene and render it with prorender, the first frame renders without a problem. BUT>> the second frame and all next frames will be darker.

And I have no clue on why it's happening or how I can fix this.

It happens in every scene I create. 


The scene setup with the shadow catcher

the difference between frame one and two in lighting.



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Nobody here has fully complete / correct profile information, or has uploaded a scene file, so I really don't know how you expect people to help when you haven't provided any of the things we need to be able to do so ! @Abudari Your profile says R15, which doesn't even have Pro Render OR the shadow catcher ! Neither of you list your hardware either, and knowing the details on that, and your correct C4D version is crucial to answering ProRender questions because its integration and abilities changed with every version it was included in !



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Sorry Man My Bad, 

I have Cinema 4D 21 
I have a Gigabyte Aero 15x with Nvidia gtx 1070 max-Q and intel i7-8750H

I use this device for editing then i render using an online Farm.
the issue appeared at both cases, while rendering using my device or using an online service.

The Problem is, when ever you put an element with a compositing tag and having a the "Shadow Catcher Alpha" checked on under the ProRender tab of that tag,
Then if you render a single frame, every thing looks fine like , when you render in the viewport
BUT when you render multiple frames, the first frame renders ok, then all other frames loses some lightening data or something, so they look so bad
You can test it on a dummy cube and a plane.


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Thank you for posting the info we need. I am hoping someone from MAXON would be along to advise really; it has never really been conclusively stated for me whether shadow catcher works with ProRender or not, and I don't have it installed myself anymore so can't check. 


But now at least anyone that is in a position to help can do so !



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