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Model Enviroment feedback

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Wow....really great work.   Not sure how long it took to render but I find myself wanting to see it at twice the size just so I can feast on the modeling and lighting.


What has NOT been talked about but needs to be highlighted is the color pallet and the placement of the complimentary colors.  It all just works.  Why is my eye drawn to the astronaut?  Tiny little thing tucked away in the dark but yet he is the first thing I see.  I think it has a lot to do with the balance in color between him and the similarly shaded windows on the left and right and at the same level.  He is framed by it as they are the only three non blue/pink or darkly shaded objects at that level.  Trust me, if that astronaut was glowing pink, he would not stand out.  I mean we all get hung up on modeling reality and detail but it is really composition and color that makes great art (plus lighting! 🙂).  This piece has all that!!!!


But with that said, I would increase the luminance on the astronaut just a bit as what was done on the first rendered WIP you provided was perfect.....sorry....small nit.....I know.


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Thank you for getting back to me! what i will do is if i find some time next month, i will revisit this model and try and implement theses changes because i think they are all valid. 


With the Astronaut that is the exact reason why i coloured him the way i did, i did not want him to blend too much with the environment but at the same time did not want him to be a glaring object in the scene so much which is why i went with the bright lilac because it is a mix of the blues and reds in the scene making it complement the colour pallet without being too distinctively different.


I really want to be able to perfect my styles with all the details sort through so I will take my time to make theses pieces as best as they can be progressively.


I will have some time mid November to start doing some personal stuff again still start my next art piece and revisit this in the same vain. 

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You could try and add some debris at corners. This is where the dirt keeps piling up. I mean stuff like deformed cans, paper, whatever trash. Otherwise the clean line where the wall meets the ground (don't know how to explain that properly) always looks odd. Because there are seldom such straight lines, even in urban environments. There is always a bump.


And maybe you could try some wet surfaces. Like after the rain. With puddles on the ground, reflecting the nice neon lights. That's like a free detail enhancement.


Regarding cables, you can use spline dynamics. If remembering correctly, there even is a tutorial in the C4D inhelp. Just don't forget to freeze the cable in it's preferred state and kick the dynamic stuff afterward.

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