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Model Enviroment feedback

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Modelling there looks at least as correct as it needs to be 🙂 Only thing I can see that may be wrong is the phong angle on the flat ad board behind the guy...



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To add my two cents. You could optimise the scene polygon count on certain objects because it will be hard to notice a difference in the render even with the smaller count of rounded segments. 

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Thank you so much for the feedback! i see what you mean with the phong angle and with the polygon count i try to keep them similar but for the smaller elements, i guess i can make the count less. i am so worried about making things look too blocky haha. i will keep posting my pogress with this and see if i am on the rlght lines!

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Great start. I think you need more details on some of the flat surfaces (perhaps the textures will do this). Urban environments never have untouched flat walls, there is always a pipe, or wires, or cracks, etc. Keep going! Details, take the longest, but pay off so much. 

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Very good. I love this type of work and the modeling seems to be well executed.  I agree with the comment on the high polygon count on the smaller objects: the vent holes in the A/C units look to be modeled, the tubes in the neon sign look to be modeled.  Not sure if textures would work just as well as I am not sure what the overall plans are the for the model in a finished render and/or animation.  If it is a still image as shown, then textures would has worked just as well.


Overall though, I love where you are going with this.  But as you mentioned that it is a WIP and more needs to be done, then the following are some suggestions to help increase the overall level of verisimilitude that I think you are trying to achieve.  Some of these I am sure you already know about, but here goes:


I hope you will be adding supports for the huge pipe in the middle of the scene. You need to place the pipe into some truss which is then supported from the ground or anchor it to the wall.  The vertical pipe to the left of the roll-up door also needs to be anchored as well.  Also, not sure again what the final plan is for the scene, but if this is the final camera angle, that vertical pipe just goes straight up to nowhere.  Probably need to show it as having some purpose and have it go into a wall at some point.


You also have a cable tray on the right (found in most factories for routing power and data to the production cells) that needs to have cables or pipes placed in it - otherwise, why is it there?  Also looks like you have a sliding glass door on the second floor above the roll-up door.  Not sure what it is but a door would not make sense nor would a window that goes down to the floor make sense in a very industrial setting.  Finally, it looks like you have 7 A/C units of two different types: individual room types for office spaces and, judging by the huge fans, industrial grade units used for refrigeration - or what are known as industrial chillers.  Normally, these chillers go on the roof (with the fans pointing up) but they can go on the side of the building.  Wherever you place them, you probably need some exterior plumbing to properly remove condensation.


Finally, the cables on the side of the building.  Having been to a lot of industrial zones in all parts of the world (still waiting for a business trip to visit a factory in Hawaii...hasn't happened yet!), they tend to not have any rules regarding powerline management...in short, most industrial wiring looks like a rats nest.  Here is a photo from my last trip to Thailand:




Same thing can be found, to a lesser degree, in Penang and parts of China as well...but you get the point.  As this WIP looks to be from that part of the world then hopefully this photo gives you an idea of what type of look you might want to achieve. 



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This is really really Helpful 3D-PANGEL I've just seen this and definitely going to revise the model with some of your points. really apprichiate the feedback.


Here are a few shots of my progress with it so far almost there!


What I will do is go over the pipe works and lines and see where I can add in supports and any further detail the lighting and render still needs a little bot of work too.


Also currently trying to figure out how to easily do the wires around the environment quicker! ( just currently using the spline pen tool)




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I love it.  Really creates a unique take on many existing genres: cyber punk, dystopian futures, etc.  I love the lighting.  As soon as I saw the astronaut with the glow I thought of Daft Punk....not sure why but it has that vibe.  Kind of like a Blade Runner inspired slum in the land of Tron.  I would love to know what inspired you for this.


If the final piece is going to be that dark then some of my comments don't apply as it is adding details that quite frankly won't be seen and more importantly don't need to be seen.


I can't wait to see more.





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So here is the final render of the scene i tried to colour grade it to be a little bit brighter but could not figure it out how to do it on premier pro ( some of the lights are animated.


Let me know your thoughts if i need to improve anything.

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Do you have a reference image for the type of scene you want? I know some people have a specific look they are going for, if you want realism Id suggest working on the neon a bit. Maybe put the neon light inside the glass tubes. It looks like you have the neon material on the outside of the entire objects. Also adding an HDRI to the scene could improve it a lot, the blue/purple sky isn't selling it for me.

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Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I have been using a few reference images to compose the scene, realism was not a top priority for me on this as much as should maybe of been. you are right with the neon's i could of incorporated a few of them better with the buildings. i was thinking of modelling each  them to look more like florescent tubes. 


As for the HDRI, I am still quite new to using them in the right way and could not find one that would reflect the scene in the way i best wanted it to so i just decided to use lights instead.


I am going to be trying to make more scenes like in in the future (prob start in dec) but ill definitely focus more on elements like the neon and colours. specially because i really want to try and defy my art work to be more with concepts like this.

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