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How do you combine/stack two color shader effectors on the same cloner?


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I've never been able to figure out how to combine multiple shader effectors together. Here's an example scene of what I'm trying to achieve:


  • I have a plane with a circular gradient on it. I have a shader effector that uses the plane's material tag to change the color of the clones. This is easy and works perfectly.
  • But I also want to have another shader effector, which selects a random color (from a Multicolor shader made of colors I can control). I want those colors either screened or lightened on top of the black/white gradient beneath it.
  • The end result would be random colored cubes towards the center, gradually fading out to pure white.


However, when you add 2 shader effectors like this, one simply cancels the other out. 


What I'd really like is for the "Black & white shader" to only affect the first layer, and for the "Add color" shader to effect the second layer.

How can I achieve this?




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I couldn't get my brains around this one, but here's a cheat version for you using  plain effectors to show and hide two different cloners at the same time, using one effector with inverted falloff.

To keep the effectors in synch Im scaling them in a null, you could also select them bot together to change any parameters to also keep them in sync.



Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 09.52.13.png


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