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Hey! Yea I actually got to the step where I created the array of neighbours and it was a pain to get it done, so I wasn't gonna plan to continue anytime soon 🙂


@flyingdango Thanks for the file but it looks like something got lost when saving? I imported the zip and all but lets say this group is empty.



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Hey @flyingdango, I am going trough it and it's so eyeopening, thanks again for this, awesome learning material.

Did notice a small issue, there is some snapping sometimes when you start moving them, I tracked it down to the part where you double the radius to check for neighbours, it lacked knowing if the sphere was scaled by the random scale you introduce at the start, so propagated max_x from there and piped it into main group to multiply with radius before doubling it.

Screenshot 2020-10-18 191843.png

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