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Vertex Map not working after binding character.

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I have an issue with the hair of my character. 
After binding, the vertex map is not recognized anymore and it's impossible to relink it. The hair cover my character fully. 

How can I relink my hair to the vertex map after binding? 


Project file with example before and after biding: 


Capture d’écran 2020-10-16 à 16.01.38.png

Capture d’écran 2020-10-16 à 16.01.25.png

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When you grow hair (set guides) from vertex map, you need also to tell hair object to generate hair from this guides. If you leave option Auto in Hair tab, hair will cover whole object.

If needed more dense hair, you could use cloning option or adding guides...




Roots set "As Guides" in both hair objects.



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Looks like skin deformer collide some way with vertex maps when active. So, solution was disable skin deformer, creating new vertex maps, adding new hair restricted to those maps and then again enabled skin deformer. If while applying /adjusting vertex maps hair not update immediately, click "Update Guides" on the bottom of Guide tab...

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When last time I look into the scene, found a problem...

Always when look on hair object, I see green circles aroun the roots. And it means "un-rooted" hairs, which in result behave like applied on static object ...


So, when you don´t create new hair as I recommend in previous post (repetition means learning 🙂 )


1, select hair object

2, select all

3,set roots

4, apply


(must use hair selection/edit tools)







and neck


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