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Editing Motion makes Mocap pop

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Hello everyone!

I am working with a custom motion capture, where I blend different takes using Motion clips and pivots.
I am struggling to understand why, once I edit a motion clip, wether it is trimming it or mixing it with another take, some joints starts glitching/poping for a frame here and there.


Here is my workflow:
1. Import fbx with animation baked in,

2. checking animation (no Pop)

3. creating a motion clip out of it (still no pop).

4.Trimming unwanted data (no pop). 
5. Convert motion clip to Motion source
6. use the previously created motion source ... and the motion is not smooth anymore.

I tried to bake the motion clip to frame after step 4 and it looks great. but re-converting to motion clip give the glitch once again.

I am out of ideas on what can cause this...
Is there anything I can do to prevent it? 






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