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Dealing with enormous scene

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I have a huge project, around 500M. It's a complicated scene with hundreds of objects. When I try to render it (single frame), my computer sometimes runs out of memory and crashes. I'm using R21 with V-Ray. Question: does anyone have a  procedure to render my scene in multiple files and rebuild it in Photoshop, seamlessly? 

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This looks like impossible task. I am surprised you managed to import that into C4D. Me personally don't remember dealing with that amount of polygons outside any software except ZBrush. I hope someone can help you...

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Did you tried close your project after you start rendering to picture viewer? You could safe some memory this way and maybe it should be enough...


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Don't know the nature of your scene, but could you progressively disable some of the objects and re-assemble/composite in post. Obviously you'd have to think through shadows, reflections and occlusions.


So you would render each time with your final camera angle and full dimensions.



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I am able to render after I reboot my computer (Mac), but just handling the scene and moving around takes forever and the computer doesn't like it. I could simplify the scene a lot but this is a one shot deal and it would take me longer to simplify the scene than to simply wait for the computer to complete the tasks. I was just wondering, for future cases like this, if someone had a procedure for handling larger scenes.



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When I deal with large scenes I plan them out in sections, group each section so I can turn them on and off. That way only the part I am working on is visible and I turn it all but to visible for the final render. Of course, this all depends on the scene. If I have a landscape I will often render the distance object (mountain range, city, whatever) as an image and then put it on a plane. I also will shut off ambient occlusion and anything else that won't be noticeable in background objects and as has been suggested, rendering sections separately can help with the memory issues. Good luck, it's always a puzzle and a compromise to figure these things out! 

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Collapsing cloners in heavy scenes can also help a great deal with scene efficiency, IF there is a reason that multi-instances won't work with it.

Likewise setting LoD to low in the viewport will make large scenes more navigable. You can also increase viewport response by disabling various Open GL display components - Depth of field, AO, material preview etc etc. For really massive scenes you could consider using Xrefs or the LoD object to load low poly proxies if necessary. Of course some of this info is null and void if not using an included renderer because then you have the additional worry of how many polys you are sending to the GPU - in that case most TPRs have their own instance systems that can make this more manageable, although I don't know about Vray specifically.



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41 minutes ago, Pierre Tessier said:

do cloner objects use more memory than non-cloner objects?


It depends what mode the cloner is in. And there's 2 separate issues here; the speed of the scene, and how much memory your GPU has. Render or Multi-instances should in theory be faster, but that cannot work with all cloner setups, so the ones that are in regular instance mode do tend to slow scenes down more than if you make them editable, and then connect and delete the clones into a single mesh, if it suits your project to do so. Cinema struggles more with vast numbers of objects than it does with vast numbers of polys, except in the excepted modes above. But if poly limits are what is being prioritised, then it might be better to leave them procedural.



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