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Putting 2 projections on one object

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Hey y'all, I was wondering if someone could help. Basically I'm trying to add two projections to a single material. One is a noise that needs to be spherical and the other is a UV map. I need to use the projection for spherical AND UVW mapping is this possible?


I've attached an image of my working file that shows just the projection as spherical. I'd like to add a UVW mapping projection to this too if possible. 


Thanks for your help. Matt

Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 12.30.11.png

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Are you trying to put a logo across the balloon, whilst retaining spherical mapping for the overall texture ? If so, 'decal workflow' might be better here, where you have separate materials (each having whatever projection or UV map it needs, and use alpha on the top layer to put a separate logo decal on top.



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