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Particle emitter targeting polygons

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Hi All, 

not sure if this is the right board but i want to have the different polygons in this scene connected with cables to a core in the middle of the exploded capsule.

maybe i can have each polygon emitting particles into the center of the exploded capsule?



i don't have Xparticles.


thank you for your time, any information regarding a solution will be useful to me.



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No - this doesn't involve particle systems, so that is the wrong section for it - it's actually Mograph functionality you are using, so that's the section for it, and that's where I'll pop it now for you...


Normally the tracer would be the place to start, but I am not sure that is a possibility within your current setup for a number of reasons. How important is it is that it remains in its parametric state ?



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No worries. Ok, if it won't need to remain parametric, then we can get the tracer to work on this.

You need to make several changes to your current setup to accommodate this though...


1. You need to do a current state to object of the object literally a frame after the pieces separate. Then you can hide the original and just work with this copy.

2. Next step would be to explode that copy to separate objects, which can do using that function in the modelling menu. 

3. Then you can select all the pieces, and use the axis centre commands to reset the axes of each. At this point you want to shrink all the pieces into a tiny scale (or to whatever should be the 'centre point' or form from which they can expand later into your final exploded form.

4. Now you have each fragment as its own piece and now you need to recreate what your original polyFX did, but using fracture and any effector instead.

5. Then you would setup a tracer to track the pieces as they move with a single line to the axis of each. In the tracer you could use the Trace Paths (use vertices off) mode to draw lines from the start point to the final state of the animation.

6. Last step would be to CStO (current state to object) the Tracer so you got editable splines you could drop into a Sweep object with an n-side profile to make them renderable.


This won't be the only way, and I haven't had time to try it myself, but it's a decent opening plan I think...



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Hi again,

thanks you so much for your detailed reply.

i tried following the steps above though i seem to be doing something wrong with the tracer. 

here are two screenshots that explain my scene's hierarchy (i also included the scene file):




thank you so much for your time and help.


tracer splines.c4d

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