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Icon object to Fold out like paper

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In my c4d file(attached) example you can see with a basic circle (leaf) ive applied a cloth tag and made a animated tube with a cloth collider tag that pushes the sides of the circle and then goes upwards. This creates an effect where the circle looks like its folding in on itself like a flower blossoming in reverse.


I like this fold effect and i want to apply it to a 3d object (icon) ive made, that has 3 layers that i have connected into 1 object.icon.jpg.9e63ea9ce60d709b26242578267c3f41.jpg

the issue is :

Because the 3d icon was originally 3 layers that ive turned into 1 object, when i apply the cloth simulation, the 3 objects aren't attached by the points and go indifferent directions. rather than being one object cloth that moves as one.

a) is there a way to make the icon object 1 layer where the points are all attached so when the cloth bends it all bends together?
b) Or this too complicated and is there another solution folding this icon like the leaf example

thank you for your time, let me know if this needs more info.

c4d file: icon_FOLD.c4d

Icon_1object: "ICON" object in 1 layer

ICON_BEFORE: "ICON" object in separate layers

LEAF: cached cloth simulation of "leaf" folding inwards

Collider_DISC: cloth floor

LEAF_FINAL: what i would like the icon object to animate like




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You need to complete your profile information accurately - cloth isn't in C4D Lite so that info must be wrong, and we need it to be right so that we are providing correct advice, pertinent to that version.


In answer to your question though...


a) Yes and No, but mainly No. Yes - you can connect the layers together, but No, that won't work for the purposes of the cloth engine, which requires quite specific geometry to work properly. Your logo (made as it is out of splines and generators, does not provide that correct geometry, and if you connect those layers together all that will give you is an object that starts intersected or very close to it, and then explodes as soon as you try and run a cloth sim on it.


You probably need to build that object again for best results, with cloth in mind, and preferably out of regular polygons with proper modelling, or at the very minimum, lose the layers, and implement those with texturing instead. You can use a spline generated object with cloth if you choose certain cap options in the generators (and here we need to know specifically which version of the software you are running), but you should be aware that cloth does not like or behave predictably with a) triangles b) uneven poly distribution and c) ngons. Your original logo is mostly ngons, so that does need addressing because when you convert those to polygons they will be arbitrarily split into tris and quads, and you will have no control over how or where it does that. You really need to go right back to the generator object and change the cap types to eradicate ngons there in the first place.





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thank you for your response, yes need to update been awhile im using r21.
Understood its tricky, ill look into ways of connecting and rebuilding the object as one without ngons.


With that all said, am i maybe looking at this all wrong.... and cloth isnt right for this and another method of folding this object in on itself may be better? as in multiple bends or another tool i'm unfamiliar with (in R21) that i could look up tutorials on?


anything i solve i will post up for anyone else also, thankyou

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Whilst you may be right that cloth isn't the best approach for this it is difficult to say what is, because all the various methods we have of folding and bending and deforming stuff relies utterly on the topology that is being applied to being able to support that deformation, so unfortunately the problem I highlighted originally remains, no matter what solution you find to the folding.


In R21 you do have delaunay caps option for extruded shapes, and if you use that, and change the spline interpolation of the source splines to something like subdivided or uniform that should give you topology that is as suitable for subsequent deformation as an Extrude object allows.


But once you have decent topology, then perhaps look at the mesh deformer, which allows you to deform one high poly object based on what you animate about a much lower simpler proxy mesh.


Or just shortcut yourself round all these issues by just clothing a disc like you were doing, and project the logo on as a texture !! It does look like it would lend itself to that much simpler approach.





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Mesh deformer seems promising + ill dive into the other elements just to make sure and for future knowledge, thank you so much for your quick advanced insight also, really helps having this forum and people like yourself helping out, i thank you!.

My other option if everything fails or takes too long, is to render out  the icon as a object buffer and then 3d fold it in after effects. its quite a quick animation so that may work also. seeing as there is 11 icons to animate. options options!




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