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Packaging/carton modelling Cinema 4D

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I'm looking for a solution to be able to import cutter guides into C4D and then fold and extrude them to create realistic models of assembled packaging designs.

The FoldMyDesign! plugin never seems to work for me plus the creases/folds it creates do not look realistic. 
I was wondering if anyone out there had any other solutions?


The 'Box 01 - Modular' found in the C4D content browser is quite good as the model is subdivided so gives you realistic creases and folds (images attacghed) but is limited in size range (going below a certain size starts to cause problems with the model and distorts the UVs). You are of course also limited to a standard tuck-flap carton design as opposed to being able to bring in custom cutter guides.


Failing the above does anyone know of any paid libraries where you could buy various types of packaging models (preferably Xpresso rigged) which could then be adapted?


One of the best solution I have seen is the Esko plugin for Adobe Illustrator which allows you fold your design natively from your artwork file. I feel Esko is more aimed at big companies/industry clients so is out of the price range for small teams or hobbyists.


Any help will be much appreciated!

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 08.04.45.png


Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 08.04.54.png\


1044955186_ScreenShot2020-10-23at08_04.45detail.png.dce3018788b13f1c5310aaa0084ce327.png <<< this is the type of detail I am after i.e. proper folds and dust flap tabs 

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Whenever I need to do something like that I use a plugin called "Dépliage" (Unfolder) by CodeVonc: 




Things like folding boxing are really easy to set up with that plugin. I am attaching two basic examples I did with Unfolder. 




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