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Gear Thing

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Nice one! How did you animate the planetary gear? I thought gears is only for setting the rpm and syncing gears with a fixed axis? Had to animate something quite similar last week, but a little bit more komplex (hammer drill planetary gears with different gear transformations on the planets), and failed utterly 😯

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9 minutes ago, borg said:

Thanks, this was a neat puzzle to solve.


...and may I say 'very neatly solved !' Gears doing clever things are always very rewarding. More like that please, everyone !



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3 hours ago, Babumbol said:

How did you animate the planetary gear?


Here's a more general scene where the ring also rotates - just set ring rotation to 0 to see how my rig works




If  Tr, Tp, Ts are the number of ring, planet, sun teeth - the carrier (star shape) is the driver and the planets turn with local rotation of


carrier angle * Tr/Tp.


The sun turns using that value * Tp/Ts, but you must add the carrier rotation. This gives the overall gear ratio as


ratio = 1 + Tr/Ts


so the planet size doesn't play a part - they are just idlers, but for everything to fit


Tr = Ts + 2 * Tp 


(imagine sun + 2 planets in a straight line)


In my video I used 36T 12T 12T which gives a ratio of


ratio = 1 + 36/12 = 4


Note that to align the teeth, you use orientation under the teeth tab (not XPresso math). You can make the ring spline by increasing the size of the center hole so it's larger than the cog.


I thought people would be asking how I got the chain to sync 😀

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1 hour ago, Cerbera said:

More like that please, everyone !


Prime numbers -




Looney gears is a plastic toy where the red 13T has a handle and the game is to guess how many times you need to turn it until all the gears line up again.

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