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Loop Carried Value does not update Point Count

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Hi there!

I have a problem with the Loop Carried Value node.

In the attached screenshots you see what I'm trying to do:

Change the random polygon selection on every iteration and build extrusions on top of each other. However the extrusions only happen on the initial set of polygons, never on an already extruded polygon.

To Debug I'm printing the "3D Points" Array Count inside the loop to check if the numbers increase with every iteration (as I'd expect) but they stay the same, hence the random selection can't add Index numbers higher than from the original geo.

Am I missing something here? If I put the exact same system into a Memory Node instead and play the scene it works as expected (I've attached a screenshot of that as well), so to me it looks like a bug in the LCV node?




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Likely a known problem. Please provide scene files if you want any help, trying to diagnosing a node setup from screencaptures is pretty much a waste of time.

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Thank you!

The same principle applied to a couple other setups I've tried.

The issue gets fixed in all of them if you force the Build(Fill) Array node to recalculate by inputting a 0 value into it's Length port.

The 0 value does have to be a calculated value on each iteration (thus FlyingDango is using any incoming value and clamps it to 0)


I still think this is a bug though.

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