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Clones Constrained to Other Clones

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Hi - I've got some noise moving a grid of cubes up and down. I have another grid of spheres and I want them to float over the cubes and follow the movement in synch.


Problem  is cubes being moved by scale on y parameter. So if I use same shader noise the scale of my spheres will be effected, but I don't want that. So I tried the same shader noise on the sphere cloner's 'y' position parameter, but can't really get to synch perfectly. Futzed around a bit w/ constraints but they wanted to look at original object position (instead of adjusted moving cloner positions) and its really just a face of cube moving not entire cube.


Anyway, can someone suggest something?


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You could for example use scale factor for multiplying positions of spheres...

(in my example are spheres separated objects)




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Thank you for this.


Would this approach preclude me from adding a secondary motion (say, vibrate or rotate) to the sphere clones that are no longer in a mograph generator?








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Follow up - Secondary motion accomplished with shader effectors children of object I want to move (which is in turn child of the spheres that I set to not display, ie. cones just inherit spheres motion up and down) and then shader set to object mode with random 'H' rotation. works. thks.

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