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Rendering an object at the exact dimensions I need

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This may seem an unusual question, but it's something I've never had to worry about before.


I need to render out a watch face and hands, at very precise dimensions in terms of pixels.


If I model, for example, a watch hand, which I need to be 200 pixels long (the width will take care of itself), how do I achieve this?

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If you need to work with exact dimensions, then you need to be very much more careful at the modelling stage, and keep much more of an eye on the coordinates boxes, which shows you how long stuff is along the planar axes. Begin by setting your scene up in both preferences and project settings to the right units, and then consider altering your grid size as well to something that is easy to snap to and helps.


You can also use the measure and construction tool to use measured guides, but you will need to thoroughly read the manual on this before you use it because it is not exactly intuitive.


Also you need to be aware of SDS shrinkage if you are using subdivision, and factor that in to your base meshes, so build them a few mm bigger than required and measure with SDS on.


Doing that will give you consistency and make sure everything is the right physical size relative to other parts. There probably is some maths you can do to work out an exact dpi you need to render at, but that makes my brain hurt on a Monday morning, so the way I would do it is render at whatever size gives you roughly the right dimensions and then size it in photoshop where you can make quick changes without re-rendering.



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Why on earth do they want to specify measurement in pixels !!! That seems like an utterly bizarre and obtuse request to me !! Can they not just tell you what dimensions they want to render a whole scene at, and then you can adjust the zoom of your scene so that just one part of it takes up the right amount of space, which you'd have to measure in photoshop I think.



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It's for myself mate, I don't do any "commercial" stuff anymore.  I'm designing parts for a custom face for a smart watch, and want to see how it comes out when modelled and rendered in C4D, rather than just a Photoshop graphic.

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Im with CBR on this one re doing it in post. If you want it 200px in cinema then you just set your render settings to that ( plus enough width ) and make sure your object just nudges the top and bottom of the frame, but that's a lot of faff and finding later your missing a pixel or two. Also bigger is generally always better when it comes to pixels so I would be rendering it bigger with a little padding top and bottom to not cut off any pixels.

Once rendered you could adopt a smart object workflow in pshop, if you render with an alpha the smart object will crop to the edges, then you can place it in your main document and scale to size in place. At that point if you decide to size up that main doc all of the smart objects will have enough resolution within them to still display crisply at the new res. You can also link to an external smart object file and if you have to re render anything then you can just drop that render in the linked smobj and your main doc will update itself, or request to be updated.


As far as any maths go, I have an easy rule of thumb for good print res for any image, which is basically to give yourself 100pixels per centimetre plus 20%, or 120 pixels per centimetre if that's easier math for you. Based on the fact that most print jobs are set up at 300dpi, which in CM is 300 / 2.54 = 118pixels per cm, so my 120 per cm is just a bit over, so your watch hand would be a bit under 2cm at print res, tho for screen more like 6cm if we assume 72dpi which converts to 28px per cm.

A crazy measuring system where we have got in the habit of using 2 units, cm and inches for one job spec, ie 21cm x 30cm at 300 dots per inch !


So even for a personal project and for something as small as 200 pixels, I would go a lot bigger to give myself room to manoeuvre later, when I decide I like it so much I wanna print a poster.


Just my ten pixels worth



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