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Rigging Kitchen Cabinets


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I'm new to modeling and rigging in general but I have modeled a kitchen and now I'm am trying to rig the cabinet doors and drawers so they can open and close with character interaction. I don't really know where to start or how to rig it so I can animate the rig. 

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We need a fair bit more detail than that before we can advise specifically. The scene (.c4d) file is essential in questions like this so please upload that, otherwise we can't see what hinge systems you have modelled, or whether your models are even suitable for animation ! 



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The modelling looks pretty decent at first glance. But, a first observation, before we get to hinges is just how soft edged everything is, which is because for some reason you have opted to do cupboard doors with Subdivision surfaces, which is not necessarily the normal or best workflow here. Unless this is some radical new design which demands the soft edges, these parts should be hard surface models, using bevelling and no SDS to get the final result.... this is primarily for polygon efficiency reasons, and because you can much more easily avoid the 'pillowy' look that you have going on here...




EDIT: actually, now I see the bit I show is the fridge, which may well have those softer doors, and justify the SDS there, but I think the point still applies, albeit to a lesser degree elsewhere in the scene.



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OK, I haven't found any hinge geo yet so presume you haven't made any so far ? The trouble we have is there are literally thousands of hinge designs on cupboards like these, and although the methods for rigging will be similar, they won't be the same, so you're going to need to google kitchen cupboard hinges, and post some photo reference, because otherwise we just can't know what you want here !!



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