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3D Motion Show | Adobe MAX 2020 | OCTOBER SHOWCASE

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Tuesday, October 27


08:30 "Maxon News and Announcements" with Paul Babb

09:00 "C4D + VR: From Pre-rendered to Game Engine" with Ethan Shaftel

10:30 "Work With What You've Got: Nimble Experimentation in Cinema 4D" with Lauren Fisher

12:00 "Cinema 4D for Illustrators" with Sierra Ward

13:30 "Guerrilla Tactics with Cinema 4D" with Rachel Brickel



Wednesday, October 28

08:30"CAD Models 101: From Zero to Hero's Sidekick" with Chris Priddy

09:00"Rendering in Style with Redshift!" with James Ramirez

10:30"Crafting and Developing Creative Ideas in Cinema 4D" with Andy White

12:00"Character Building in Cinema 4D" with Bri Marie

13:30"Adding the New Features of R23 to your Workflow" with Chris Schmidt



Thursday October 29


08:30"Creating the Unreal with Cinema 4D" with Jonathan Winbush

09:00"Breaking Down Botanical Repair" with Joey Camacho

10:30"Simulation Workflows in Cinema 4D" with Thanos Kagkalos

12:00"Bringing Characters to Life in Cinema 4D" with Jessica Herrera

13:30"Everdays LIVE!" with Mike Beeple" Winkelmann

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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