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A Vine on a House - animated short

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I was finally able to get some work done on this. It's been really hard to work on 3D stuff. On the other hand I did draw and design a bunch of classic monster posters for some reason I cna't quite explain.   LOL

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It is not totally flat but I see what you mean, it’s close to how the land in front of my grandparents house was on cape cod Massachusetts. They did not have those stones around, though.😁

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One step forward, two steps back. This is a a montage of sorts of a series of photos being taken after the house has been abandoned for decades. I remembered how I always wanted to try the :Make Human: app  for realism human characters and made the new character with that. That made the woman character at the start look far too cartoonish so I am making her in Make Human now. It's pretty easy to set up and exporting to FBX seems to work. The fingers are little funky and I end up repainting the cloths textures. The joints and weighting are pretty good but there is a lot of work setting up the IK and labelling everything to set up the visual selector for animation. Works for this but I don't think it would work for anything more stylized though I have not really done deep into it. The montage was made to be cut shorter in Final Cut Pro X  after it was rendered, it seems better to have it too long than too short. 


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Took me a few tries and techniques to figure this out. I ended up using the voronoi mograph fracture to give the impression the drawing vine was pushing soil out of it's way. I also have been finding some things with the characters generated from Make Human a little challenging when adding IK to the pre-rigged and weighted bones. FK seems to work better and using Cactus Dan's IK tools were a mess sadly as I really like rigging with them. 

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Finished? This was a short one and took place in one location so it wasn't as grand as my last animation. It's a little bloody so be sensitive to that. 

Had some fun with simulations and used the "Make Human"plugin for the heavy lifting with the characters as an experiment and they did work out enough for me to see using that application in other things. I have found I like less humanlike characters for my animations and I think I will go that route for future projects. 


Thanks to everyone who had feedback and advice and looked in on  my progress. 


I forgot a link my blog explaining more about the project.

Behemoth Blog

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11 hours ago, Igor said:

Congrats once again. A lot of work went into it its an achievement no matter what. :cowboypistol:


 Thanks Igor! I am getting more response to this one than previous ones. Mostly because the scare part seems to have really scared a few people so that is very satisfying. 

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