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Struggling with Spline Pen tool - please help

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I don't understand why you sometimes can't change the control points on the spline pen tool? I am finding this tool so restrictive to work with as it only lets you place the next point at specific places and angles?!


I know you can edit the control points of each point to adjust where you can place the next point but this still doesn't give you complete control especially when it doesn't let you select the control points at all - Why is that?


Is this just a really terrible drawing tool or what?

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On the contrary, the spline pen is one of the nicest and most usefully functional tools in Cinema, and since it was introduced in R17(?) has been much preferable (for me at least) to even programs like Illustrator. So I am kinda forced to conclude, or at least suspect that you may be doing something wrong there. Of course without video of you doing it, or a scene file to examine settings we are almost powerless to tell why this might not be working for you...


Things to check would be snapping settings, quantize settings, and to make sure you only have 1 object selected in the object manager...



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Thanks for your reply - my problem was that I find when doing a second point you can get locked in to doing a particular angle etc and don't have control over changing this because sometimes it won't allow me to edit the control point handles on  a spline point I have made until AFTER I've added the next point if that makes sense - however I have worked out that AFTER adding the next point you can then go back in and use the control point handles to adjust it to exactly how you like. I'm not sure if I am just having trouble selecting it or what but this method seems to be working okay.


I'm still not finding it that intuitive yet but I am sure that will come with time... Can I also join splines on to other shapes like say a semi circle or do these have to remain separate entity's?


Thanks for your help

Ella (on other account - I accidentally made two)


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13 minutes ago, Bells said:

Can I also join splines on to other shapes like say a semi circle or do these have to remain separate entity's?


No, you can join 1 spline to another - just have to Connect objects and delete them, and then weld the relevant points...


All the basic information about the spline tool is available in the manual or in a number of helpful videos you can find on Cineversity or Youtube, like this one...







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