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Why can't I recover files from the autosave folder?

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C4D crashed when doing something farely basic... I think I was trying to make a spline a child of a lathe extrude ting

Anyway that's not important, what is important (and this has happened before) is that I tried to recover the file from my bugreports folder and although there are files in there none of them will open instead I get an error message (see attached). This pops up after trying to open one of these files.


As I said this has happened in the past as well so I would really appreciate some help on fixing this - is it a software issue - do I need to reinstall?

Luckily I was just working through a tutorial because if this was for work I would be f*cked... really putting me off the software tbh



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That would suggest it was unable to successfully write that file to disk as it fell over. Did you send the report to MAXON ? Because they are the people that can usually tell you what happened if you send them the crash report.



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