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Weird mirroring of joints when exporting motion clips to .fbx


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Hi, I'm new here so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong, but here goes...


I'm trying to get a bunch of mixamo character animations to play sequentially. 


I've imported my fbxs, put them in null objects and made motion clips of each, then applied these to the t-pose in the time line. So far so good, I have these animations all playing in a row within c4d.


But when I export them as an fbx, it all goes wrong. The left arm and left leg seem to be kind of mirrored and copy the left arm and left leg.


Screen caps below of before exporting and then after exporting as fbx and importing back into c4d.


Anyone had this happen? Any ideas for a fix?



before export.gif

after export.gif

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Matter of fact is that both those problems occur frequently. The motion clips are sadly quite buggy. I reported both problems to support. I have the flicker problem as well frequently but support could not replicate it. They said it could be a plugin...


Please note that baking to keyframes does not consider changed positions with the pivot object. If you use an animated pivot for a clip you need to duplicate the joints and transfer the animation with the retarget tag. Bake the second joints for export.

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