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Modify percentage of individual clones in cloner

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What is the best way to modify percentage of individual clones in cloner without multiply them in cloner objects hierarchy ? For example I have three object in cloner - box, cone, sphere and I want randomly place them but cone should has 75% of chance to display among them.


I tested many options as effectors but when I tried them clones loosing their randomization to something like sorting style of view.

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Maybe could be used 2 effectors. First one will distibute percentual ratio in cloner for clones (standard shader effector with knots in step mode for modify clones) and second one will randomize indexes of clones after distribution (random index effector - python effector)

(if you mean situation like this ofcourse)




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Thank you Bezo ! It's logical and it works. Sorry but I used another software from years and there many of such simple things had individual options or settings. In Cinema probably everything can be done but in completly different way.

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