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Baking Multiple particles spawned from multiple emitters

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Hi there,


Pretty sure I saw a tutorial on this ages ago but, sod's law, now that I have a deadline it's nowhere to be seen.

I've got a scene with 4 emitters in, each with 4-5 different objects to spawn, all with rigid body applied. With no gravity applied, they all fly towards the centre of the scene and crash off of each other. I spent ages getting the simulation right, but now I'm stuck on not only baking the animation, but baking it without the animation changing.

I seem to remember something about adding the objects into cloners and then setting the cloners to match the emitters, but as soon as I do that the animation changes - I'm also struggling to figure out how to further bake the animation after that.


Any help as always hugely appreciated!

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Apart from the fact that frame rate in your editor differs from that in render settings, after baking particle emitters and then caching dynamics it seems to bake fine. I don't have Arnold but renders in Standard , Hardware and Software renderers look exactly the same in terms of animation..

fu screen.jpg

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