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Can I download old versions of C4D?

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I have a current licence for R23, but it seems it doesnt work with Octane. I think the last version that will work is R21 - can I download this using my account? Also, where is the information held on the licensing? I Google fruitlessly, getting more returns on cracked versions of C4D than useful info on what I can do with my account.  

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I think I read recently that if you were on R23 subscription you can DL and use versions back to R21. Octane does work with 23 - the guy I am working with right now is rendering in exactly that, and it's all coming out fine...



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As part of the subscription, you can use any version from R21. I do this myself in the studio. For example, we have one plugin that is not yet updated to newer versions and when someone needs to use it, we run the R21 version.

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Of course, I don't know your circumstances, but I recently finally let go of Octane 4 & got their cheapest subscription, which is more than enough for my needs & suports R23, as well as having some nice updates itself. As stated, you can download the older Cinema 4D versions, in fact this isn't limited to subscription customers, my R23 is a permanent license & I always have the last 2 versions installed (R23, R21 & R20, in my case).

You also currently get free beta licences of Embergen & World Creator with the Octane subscription, if these packages interest you, although I suspect they will want to start charging extra for them once they go final release.

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In a related comment, I think MAXON should fix an issue that bothers me. Like me, many people have sizeable C4D assets and scene files from years ago, or they purchase pre-made 3D models. Every time I purchase a model, usually created in Max originally and saved out in r11 format. This cannot be opened in r20 or later. Luckily, I still have r19 which can open them. Once saved by r19, it is now compatible in r20. Either build in a converter or put out a free standalone app that only serves this purpose to make it compatible with r20+. Recently, I had to use another computer which did not have r19, only r20. I had to stop working find the installer and wait to install the entire Studio version and all the libraries. That's a big deal when you're on a deadline.

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What about R20?

The new MyMaxon website is only applicable for R21 and later.

The former ePortfolio website where all your R16 - R20 serial numbers and downloads were available seems to have vanished?

Searching through the MAXON.net website I can only find the update to R20.059.



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