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Rendering issue


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Hi all,


I am french and ride a lot on my Mountain bike with a GoPro. I like to do video editing of my rides. I found a tuto to generate a "UNIVERSAL PICTURES" customized and would like to use it in my video.

When I do a video render the text is shifted compare to the project windows.


Link to the tuto C4D files: Free wheel project.zip - Google Drive


In my C4D project windows the last frame is:

Cliquez sur l'image pour la voir en taille réelle   Nom :   Cinema 4D.jpg  Affichages : 44  Taille :  22,3 Ko  ID :    23179


In the rendered file the text is shifted. The text rotates arround the earth and comes from behind the earth to end horizontally in front of the earth.

Cliquez sur l'image pour la voir en taille réelle   Nom :   Rendu.jpg  Affichages : 3  Taille :  34,2 Ko  ID :    23180

I have tried several rendering options but still the same issue.

Does someone have any idea of my issue ?


Thanks a lot


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I was tried your scene file when you post it and also today, but never get this issue like you describe. I wasn´ t render to animation (stills only), but everything between frame 512 to end get the same result which isn´t shifted...


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i checked on my side the frame rate and they are the same in the project and render settings.

If I do a render using Hardware OpenGL to get a quick result from frame 512 to the end, the text is not shifted. If I do it again from frame 0 to the end, the text is shifted ... 😭

I'm using Cinema4d R21.

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Hi all,


I was using the trial version R21 of cinema4D and I have completed the trial time. I wanted to use it just to generate my own "Universal Studio" based on the project file I found on the web.

I can not buy the software, If someone could render the project for me that would be very cool. 🙂


Thank you all for the time you spent on my issue.


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