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Scary thought of the day.......

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My first contact with Cinema 4D was from the time of the Amiga computer in the first half of the 90s. At that time I was working in the editorial office of the monthly Amigowiec, a Polish magazine about Amiga computers. The magazine did not write anything about games but about graphic and professional use of this computer. People from this magazine were the creators of one of the first computer titles for Polish TV stations.


I joined the C4D Caffe community when I switched from Softimage to Cienema 5 years ago.

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On 1/6/2021 at 9:01 AM, DMcGavran said:

Well I am old enough to not remember being born

Forgetting your birthday is not a sign of age....more of a blessing actually.  Forgetting the birthday of your spouse or children is when age becomes a problem.


My first contact with C4D was R9.  I thought the matrix extrude tool was the coolest thing.  Relative to age, I posted this when MAXON hit 30:




Kind of looks like Srek?  Don't you think?  😉


Yes...I can picture him in a C4D onesie at that age....his hands and fingers at the ready to type Shift-C to bring up the next command he needs quality check!  



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funny thought,but yes you are right Paul:)


i started first time c4d 1997 in new york,i think was v5 a mac.

on v7 i started to render with in in Vienna at an architecture office. i think v8 studio,i bought then for my own work.



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For me it was the end of the 90s an R5 Go. Followed by R7XL later on, about half a year later i started at MAXON and sold my license, i needed the money 🙂

I never produced any artwork that saw professional use, the closest thing were some graphical elements i created for the website of the business of a friend. That was at a time when frames were still a thing with websites.

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My journey to C4D was ignited by passion and inspiration. In about 1982 my first computer was a Texas TI 99/4a. It had no software support therefore I became a programer.

Many years later as a Graphic Designer, I attended Roger Waters (The Wall) at the O2 London in May 2011 and yes, that was the one Nick Mason, David Gilmour played at.

Being blown away with Gerald Scarfe’s animations and the fact that he uses C4D, I was inspired to attempt to make a modern version of The Wall movie.

This is a good part to thank all the geniuses in the Cafe for all the help they have given me and you all know who you are. You guys have even written scrips to help in my endeavour.

I thank you all.


ps, the wall animation is now 28 minutes long and I don't think it will ever be finished! Ha Ha

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