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Redshift Volume Alpha

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I asked this question before at Redshift, and was still unable to get this to work so I'll re-ask it here.


When rendering a volume (created with X-Particles), the heat channel is not shown over an alpha background (see attached files). I tried different render file formats and every program I use to load the files (After Effects, HitFilm, Fusion,  Photoshop..) all don't show it.  I tried using separate alpha channel mode, and different alpha modes in the image editing software.



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Is your volume actually generating an alpha channel?  check using the RGB / A button in the render view when in bucket mode.

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I think I'm right in saying that the alpha is created from the absorbtion channel in the Rs volume settings - so if there is nothing in there, you won't get an alpha. Unfortunately i don't have any experience using the X-particles volume / heat channel, but that might be a starter for you. Could you feed the heat channel into absorption and see what happens?

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Thanks Mike. One has to wonder what RBGA channel Redshift is rendering to. Again, the problem is it’s simple not shown if alpha is behind it (see my attached picture) the jet thrust disappears once over the background. If there’s an object in the background, the thrust will only show where there’s ‘something’ behind it.


 As far as X-particles, I’m saving and rendering using VDB files.  

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You can get an alpha by adding a vdb channel to the absorption parameter - like the attached image,  but...


I suspect this is not the best approach. Are you aiming to render out a full image directly from RS with a background - or are you aiming to rebuild everything in post as a multi-layered composite?


If it's the latter I would not be using an alpha for your thruster emission. I would simply render it out as an AOV - the emission should appear in the 'VolumeFogEmmission' AOV - and composite that over your other elements in Add mode. That would mean you'd need to render out all the constituent layers individually as well; or you could do two render runs: one full image minus the emission element, one run with the emission element only.


Screenshot 2021-01-13 214150.jpg

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