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surface deformer does not recognize on my surface

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I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... 
I've already simplified my original shape (bumpy planet) hoping to find what was wrong, but stil I can't get the surface deformer to do it's job...
Any other shape but mine works fine.


In attached file a simplified version of my project (eventually it's going to be a road on a planet)


I really hope you guys have an answer!!



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It's because your planet shape has no UV map. This mode of the Surface Deformer requires one, and not only that, but also that its UVs are contiguous and non-overlapping. The solution then is to UV unwrap the planet object.  Primitives come with their own UVs (not visible until made editable) so that's why they work when your model doesn't.


But TBH I don't think this is a necessarily great way to get a road on a surface, and I would be tempted to look at a number of other ways first. To recommend alternatives we would need to see your actual mesh.



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Thank you!!
Funny. I've tried cubes, cylinders and what not to find out what was wrong. Looked at all the parameters but nothing seemed 'off'.

However ... I now see that a geometric shape does not show a UV tag - until you make it editable!! So that's apparently how I couldn't figure it out.

Thanks so much.


I am aware this is probably not the best solution for the roads. I am searching for ways how to do this better (spline paths maybe??)  Checking lots of youtubetuts at the moment 🙂

Some more control would be very nice indeed, because there will be obstacles on the planet (buildings, trees)
So am very eager to know your thoughts. Thanks for that!


In attachment the planet as it's going to be used in my project.




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depends if you want to do just one or a whole lot spaghetti style splines and weather its a fixed or route or just random, Beefdoctor shows traditional projection and his improved method here for a single spline.




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Thank you.
Good tip, I hadn't seen this video yet. Thanks!
What I want to end up with is something like streets on a planet. Like a tiny world.
One singel road would be so hard to make. 

The difficulty in this case is probably that I want intersections.

See the attached images, although these images are a lot more detailed than mine will have to be.



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If you are going to need intersections like in the examples I would not base this on splines at all, which cannot have more than 2 way junctions. In stead I would go for the poly pen, polygon snapping, and the spherize deformer. 


If you start drawing your road polys directly on a sphere (using poly snap) and use very low resolution so it's not too much work, then you can spherize the result then Scale or Normal Move it outwards, off the surface of the sphere. Then you could hide that, and do the same process again for the lower level of roads, spherize and Normal Move that too, but to a lesser degree, and then use poly pen again to connect the levels with smaller ramps and B-roads etc...


Once you have generally the right sort of shapes you can subdivide that into perfect high res curves.




I'm not sure there are any helpful ways of doing it parametrically...




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