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Cozy Tavern - by kmls


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hi. today i started  blocking my tavern. this is goes as futuristic tavern.  there is will be lot of neons or effects . for now this is just blocking,-planning and some shading work. but it goes hexagonal  hard surfaces and neonny-futuirstic effects containing tavern. i want to do little bit dark-light contrast on shading and lighting.  dark and solid surfaces vs warm  lights and effects.


i have only 2-3 days to finish it but i spent all efford i cant spend to it. because this is my last c4d artwork. in money reasons i cant afford c4d and my subs ending in later this month. so this is like a last chance to grab 1 year c4d subs. anyway i tryin to spend to it, all what i can spend. of course alsoi open to any suggestions.



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first iteration of my work. some shader fixes, added some objects and doing little stuffs around the tavern. planning today end up with main design and blocking. 



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second iteration: top lights changed, table wall glasses added, table holo-numbers added. little post efx added. 

in to do list: wall, bar, overal light, doors, and some walkway lightings  and some deco stuff. alsa per table details too planned.


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third iteration: tuned tables and per table top lights. also added outside light for walkways lighting. left wall bar side. floor and  some other polish works.


today planning add to right wall a door, sscene for live music. and will be some other details. tonight  planning also add bottle and some other things to bar.





tavern 2.jpg

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ended with futuristic tavern. sadly no more time for this work so not worked for small details. i planned some holograms and some decorations but  not have time.  also added small details from c4d library because of time issue. (live music speakers, mic., guitar and bottles on bar are from c4d library. )


scene all done in c4d, xparticles and redshift. 

futuristic tavern final by kmls.jpg

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in the dof blur not seen correctly but there is some xparticles.

-there is on the wall small dots. they are light snow effects. falls like snow and smootly loses emission and dissappers.

-also on music scene xp trails curly and slowly moving when clear slow music plays.  


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