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What you think about ACES / ACEScg

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11 hours ago, Mike A said:

The trouble is - it's a partial and cobbled together system at the moment - and will remain so until MAXON fully embrace it.

For example: lets say you want to pipe in a solid colour picked from the C4D picker into diffuse. Once that goes through ACES conversion it won't be the same colour. Therefore very difficult to pick the right colour in the first place...

yes, that is true. the workflow now with that conversion node is a mmmm ok solution but not right. I'm sure that it will be integrated into Cinema 4D.

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The core idea of ACES is to build a color system that includes all other systems/spaces so the endless hussle of different colors from different Cameras and Sofwares and Systems finally ends. See the Image by the Foundry:

SRGB, rec 720, DCIp etc are all "inside" ACES:


So it is a Master system which when used by everybody will make color space convertions not necessary anymore or way easier. That is why we need it.


The current concept is: you take your sRGB file (most textures, Renderings) and bring them into ACES using an IDT (input device transform). Now you have them in ACES where you do your comp magic. And for giving them out to let's say a Rec720 final device you use an ODT (output device transform) to bring them from ACES to Rec720. The current concept:


IDT (transform in) -> ACES (comp work) -> ODT (transform out)


In AE you use OCIO plugin for that. Nuke and Fusion have it build in.

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