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Fold my design - not getting guides

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Hey there!


Just started playing around with C4D! Loving it so far but I am of course running into weird stuff i cant understand why is happening. Can you help me build some experience with Fold my design..?


I have watched a bunch of tuts on the generator. Also i've done som different box planes in Illustrator. Aligned all dots and lines. Made sure all splines are having the same direction etc etc. In short i've tried different approaches but still getting the same result. Or actually: No result.


Look at my screen recording here: 



What am I doing wrong. Why cant I see the back and front like in all the tuts. 


(Mac, Big sur, RC23, Corona)




🙂 Kim


PS: I've attached a file with the raw splines



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Not sure why its not working for you, if I load your file do the first few steps, centre etc create guides it starts to work, didn't got totes fold preview stuff but its starting to do its thing.

I am in R18, maybe that's got something to do with it. My file below



Screenshot 2021-02-21 at 11.35.42.png

raw 01.c4d

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If you open Content Browser and paste text "Fold" into search field, you get 2 Nitroman´s Fold My design presets. First one is preset and second one is update for S22 and R23.

So, select Fold my Design Update preset and in object manager press button for update original preset...



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Isn't this is a known bug with mac versions of the software and that specific module ? I'm sure I have read that somewhere on the cafe, but can't find the post now...

As I recall, it only affects some mac users, and no1 has been able to pin down what is the deciding factor in whether it works or not...



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No solution, but answer from MAXON Support:



Hi Kim

Thank you for reaching out sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with FoldMyDesign.

This is currently a bug in R23 that we are aware of and our developers are working on a fix.

Hopefully, there will be an update to the content browser that will incorporate this fix, but sadly I'm unable to say when.

As you have a subscription, you should be able to use either Cinema 4D S22 or R21 to use FoldMyDesign as a workaround.

Hope that helps.



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