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How to slap the toon rig eyes on top of a mixamo rig?

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Hi there,


I usually end up using two rigs of the same character for animating, one version rigged with the toonrig and one with the Mixamo rig for Mocap. 
I really love the ready to use toon rig eyes, so my character already has the toon rig eyes, but of course the character should look the same and ideally have the same controls when using the Mixamo mocap rig --


so my problem is, how do I get these eyes over there? I cant' figure out how to have only the facerig part of the toonrig on top of the Mixamo rig, because it always starts with the body controllers. Also, how would I make sure the whole thing stays in tune with the head? Just parent it under the head joint of the Mixamo rig?


It would be really great to know if somebody has experience with this 🙂 I have the feeling that some people have probably achieved this someway, as the toonrig eyes are basically perfect for almost every rig 


Thanks ! 

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I think I have solved it now, I had to try a lot around with contraints, but I just put a parent constraint on the face null inside the hierarchy of the toon rig and parented it to the mixamo control rig's head controller. I have not tested this setup in praxis, but for now it seems to work fine. I will just have to ignore the base and spine controllers of the toonrig, or make them invisible.

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