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The Job Line - A few tips

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This forum is for those with work available. It is not a forum for freelancer's to advertise themselves (change in policy Jan 2011)

Those posting work available

Give as much information as you can. Best to provide an email contact address in your post.

Suggestions for those looking for work

Get yourself your own web site with a gallery, bio and contact details. Post your best work at your site. Having a professional looking site will help you look more professional.

If you're an animator put together a demo reel no longer than about 2 minutes.

Apart from the glamour jobs like modelling and animating there's plenty of other areas to specialise in. e.g. texturing, lighting, compositing etc

You don't have to change to Maya or 3DMax or anything else to get work. Talent and skill and getting the job done on time are really important. Skills learnt in Cinema 4D will be useful in any application.

If you're just starting out with 3D and plan on a career in 3D, you should contemplate getting professional training / attend a recognised institution. The main thing to realise is getting good at 3D takes time, a lot of time!!

Lastly if you are quoting on a job or offering to do a job, don't take on a job that you don't have the skills for. We see this all the time where a member has bitten off more than they can chew and then require urgent help in the forums.

Good luck

p.s. Topics in this forum will be deleted once they are more than a couple of weeks old. There is little point in keeping a job advert that's 3 or more months old.

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