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How do you comp pyrocluster

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Can anyone give me the steps to take to render out my scene and it's pyro seperately so that i can then tweak my pyro and comp it back in ?

Say for example we have a cylinder with pyro smoke moving behind it, how to i render out the cylinder and the pyro seperalely so that i can say change the color of the pyro just by rendering that out

And then how do i go about putting it all back together, can this be done in C4D with layers or do i need AE ?

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I might be saying this wrong, because I have never attempted to do this with pyro cluster, but you should be able to give the emitter a compositing tag, and add it to the object buffer, then use multipass, and select the object buffer ID so it will render out a seperate pass for your emitter thats using pyrocluster. Make sure you have selected to save it as an AE comp, (it will create a .aec file) then import that into AE, and then change or adjust your pyro color.

I hope I have explained this correcly.

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OK i will give that a try but i was thinking more along the lines of being able to render my scene and pyro seperatley so that i could rerender the pyro in c4d with maybe differnet color setings and quality and then comp that into the scene

But i need to have the seperate pyro render somehow alpahed ( or something similar) so that i don't just get a mass of say smoke, i get a pyro render with gaps where the scene objects would be

I would experiment now but i am in the middle of a render

if i use AE i am just able to effect basic color not the full control that i ahve with a c4d pyro render

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Just a thought, i am rendering a scene of the spit starting up, now why don't i use this high AA render as a texture and camera map that onto the original untextured scene, i can then run the pyro at lower quality setings inside that scene and make changes and experiment with it wothoit having to do a full scene render again

Hmm i will give this a try in an hour or so, it will be interesting to see how the camera mapped texture works on it's own scene which created it..the spinning propeller should be the make or break

Edit..damn just thought i am spending hours rendering a scene where the only things moving are the prop and the clouds, i could have done a single render of the aircraft with best AA ultra high GI and use that as a camera mapped mat, then i would only have to animate the prop and the sky and do a fast render !!

Obviously i cannot camera map VMB onto the prop, that has to be done seperatley, or could i remove the prop and have the scene use a composite backgrouns tag with the prop showing on the backgrouns movie ?

oh this is getting very convoluted !!!

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Yes !! that is the solution !! I render out my aircraft ( but not the prop) and then remove all the textures and camera map the render onto the aircraft ( just a mat on a null that contains all the bits)

the only issue is with alphad sections like the instrument panel in kiwis spit, it now sitcks out of the cockpit, but i just hide that and the image of the panel is shown on the rest of the model

Now i have a very fast render ( seconds) at very high detail level. I can now mess around with my pyro and even afford to do a scene motion blur on the prop !!!

it is sort of like baking but much easier and faster ( to bake all the textures on the spit would take a lifetime)

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