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King of Snake

Video At The End Of A Tunnel (after Effects)

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  • Ok here's the deal, I have made a 3d logo with a tunnel inside. What I want is to fly the camera into the logo, down the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel should be a video that I'd like to composite afterwards in After Effects. The video is 720x576 PAL D1 format.

    Now I've made some tests but there's a couple things not working right. How do I work out the exact position of the video in after effects? Is there any way to figure out what the distance should be between the camera and the polygon at the end of the tunnel that is getting the video mapped on, so that the video will be exactly full screen?

    Also, how do I make sure the video is properly obstructed by 3d objects in front of it?

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    Why can't you just put the video right on a plane at the end of the tunnel?

    well, I could but compositing later would mean I don't have to rerender the scene if the video changes (which it will).

    But I'm pretty close to figuring the whole thing out anyway now. I'll post a quicktime with my results so far soon.

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    Guest dasBeef

    it works :)

    Well done with the result.

    I got here late but it occurred to me that motion tracking the corner points of the white square in AE would have delivered the flexibility of compositing whatever footage you fancy without having to reopen C4D.

    The reflections would have taken a bit of work though.

    Just thought I'd mention that for anyone else running into these sorts of issues.

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