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Interest About Collada Interactivity For C4d?

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  • My idea was to ask cinema users if anyone is interested about collada. In case many users will get some use for this tool it's worth mailing MAXON for a request to start developing some collada plugin for C4D. Please read on.


    COLLADA - An open Digital Asset Exchange Schema for the interactive 3D industry.

    COLLADA has been a COLLAborative Design Activity for establishing an open standard Digital Asset schema for interactive 3D applications. COLLADA is now a standard of The Khronos Group where the consortium members will continue to promote COLLADA to be the center piece of Digital Asset toolchains used by the 3D interactive industry.

    COLLADA is not only a technology, as technology alone will not solve this communication problem. COLLADA has succeeded in providing a neutral zone where it becomes possible for competitors to work together in the design of an common specification. This creates a new paradigm in which the schema (format) is supported directly by the DCC vendors. Each of them writes and supports their own implementation of COLLADA importer and exporter tools.

    The COLLADA Schema supports all the features that modern 3D interactive applications need. Its feature set is expanding to incorporate technologies such as programmable shader effects and physics simulation. It can also be easily extended by the end users for their own specific purposes. In other words, COLLADA is not designed to be a temporary data transport mechanism, but rather to be the schema for the source data for your digital assets. It is not designed as a delivery mechanism, but to be a content holder for any target platform. COLLADA's choice of language is XML, thus gaining many of the benefits of the eXtensible Markup Language including native support of international UTF-8 encoding.

    The COLLADA XML Schema document is publically acccessible on the Internet for online content validation.

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